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Grand Rapids Residential Window and Cleaning & Property Services

Residential add on cleaning servicesWindow Cleaning for Homes in Grand Rapids, Michigan

There’s nothing that brightens your home like sparkling clean windows. Be the envy of your block – let Award Window Cleaning get your home looking its best and increase its curb appeal. We are a full service window cleaning contractor, serving West Michigan and more. We specialize in hard to reach places and our extensive window cleaning experience means we’ll get the job done right. All you have to do it sit back and relax. Award Window Cleaning is fully insured and our window techs are professional, uniformed, IWCA certified and flexible to fit your schedule. Request a quote today!

Take a look at our residential add on cleaning services (below)

Chandelier CleaningChandelier Cleaning

We put the shine on your chandeliers. If possible we’ll clean them in place and change burnt out bulbs. We can also disassemble and put them back together. There are so many different kinds and shapes with some being easy and others very difficult. The owner of Award Window Cleaning started cleaning the chandeliers at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in the Pantlind Lobby in 1983. Request a quote today!

Mineral Stain Removal

Are your sprinklers leaving water spots on your windows, orange rust stain on the siding, sidewalks or driveway? We can clean up that problem. Just give us a call. Request a quote today!

Screen CleaningResidential Screen Cleaning

At Award Window we remove your screens and use a soft bristle brush and soapy water to scrub your screen clean. Request a quote today!

Eve Trough/Rain GuttersResidential Eve Trough/Rain Gutter Cleaning

Although we love the changing seasons here in Michigan, when the leaves come down, the down spouts get plugged. Then it rains and washes the mud and debris on your walks and then the mold starts to grow everywhere on the deck, walks and the driveway. We can safely clean them out and make sure you’ve got great flow. Just ask. Request a quote today!

Low Pressure Roof Cleaning

When you drive up the driveway and look at your roof is it looking good or is it dark and patchy looking? If so this is just the beginning it will only get worse and cost more to get clean if you wait. After we are done your neighbors will want to know who re-shingled your roof. Request a quote today!

Pressure WashingPressure Washing

Sidewalks, driveway, decks, siding, shed, pole barn, decorative rocks and stones and more. A careful hand is needed and powerful pressure is not always the answer and often a “No No”. Our experienced staff will go over the options and alternatives to best determine the best way to clean it up. Request a quote today!

 Soft WashingSoft Washing

This type of cleaning is more brushing than powerful power washing. Using an array of soft bristled brushes, mild cleansers and a water fed pole our Award Window can softly wash the exterior of your home. If you have some concern for the hard pressure washing peeling paint, flooding the basement or coming in from around the windows or under the doors the soft wash is for you. Request a quote today!

High Access Dusting

Do you have a dust bunny or two you have been watching grow for some time now and are not sure how to get up there to shoo those bunnies away? We can access those bunnies and take them home with us without much fuss. Just call us. Request a quote today!

Light Bulb ReplacementLight Bulb Replacement

Have you ever asked yourself “ What were they thinking? How do they think we’re going to get up there and change that bulb?” Award Window Cleaning is the answer to that question! Request a quote today!

res8Porch Lamp Cleaning

Residential Light Cleaning
Are your front entry lamps full of last year’s bugs? Do they not have the look they did before? We can clean the bugs out, put a shine on the lens, wash the metal and get them close to new again. Request a quote today!

Solar Panel CleaningSolar Panel Cleaning

If you’ve got them we’ll clean them. Get the most out of your solar panels by having them cleaned when you have your home windows cleaned. Request a quote today!

Prep For SalePrep to Sell Your Home

Selling your home and want the most you can get for it? 2003 Money Magazine quotes “Washing windows is the #1 pre-sale improvement that generates the best return.” Call us and we can put the shine on using many of our add on services. The last thing you want to do after moving is go back and clean up the mess you left behind. Call us and we will get it ready to sell for you. Request a quote today!

Customer Testimonial

“The widow professional you sent to do my windows was exceptional! I apologize for the late accolades but am so pleased I had to pass it along. I feel I am so rarely impressed by service and feel that standards have gone down so I would be doing a diservice to not be appreciative and share my gratitude for keeping the bar high.” -Katy