Awards and Recognition

Cleaning Window Award / Award Window Cleaning

Award Window Cleaning Services, Inc. has been recognized by multiple organizations for our services, professional matter and our extensive gallery of portfolio work. The business has also been showcased in several local and national publications; such as the Grand Rapids Business Journal and American Window Magazine.

Between high rise window washing services in Grand Rapids, Michigan and commercial window washing in Kalamazoo, Michigan; Award Window Cleaning Services has received both national media attention and national awards. These accomplishments only confirm the fact that some of the nation’s best window washers are right in your Michigan backyard.


Award Window Cleaning Services, Inc was featured in an article in the Grand Rapid Business Journal. Daniel Schoonmaker executed the article “They Do Windows” which touches base on the dangers and fears that come with the job.
“They Do Windows” – Grand Rapids Business Journal

Rapid Growth released an article about Award Window Cleaning Services, Inc in 2008. “Making the Skyline Shine” answers some of the curiosities associated with the window cleaning industry.
“Making the Skyline Shine” – Rapid Growth

Award Window Cleaning Services, Inc. was also nationally recognized in the American Window Magazine.
American Window Magazine


Award Winning for Professional Image

Highlighting the Grand Rapids based company for the professional service they preform and commitment to the window cleaning industry. This prestigious honor was presented to Award Window Cleaning Services in 2001 and was made possible by our professional staff dedicated to excellent customer service.

J. Racenstein Professional Image Contest

In 2001, during an International Window Cleaning Association convention in Atlanta; Award Window Cleaning Services was presented with second place in the J. Racenstein professional image contest.

Award Window Cleaning Services, also took third place in 2003 in Nashville along with second place in 2007.

IWCA Photo Contest

IWCA Photo contest winner 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009. Both of the 2005 & 2007 photos were placed on the front cover of the Professional Window Cleaner Magazine.

Award Window Cleaning Services, Inc has shown best in class portfolio work with our extensive gallery of on the job photos. For this reason, Award Window Cleaning Services, Inc. has earned prestigious awards for demonstrating photo proofs of excellent service. Check out our photo gallery.

International Window Cleaning Association

The owner of Award Window Cleaning Services, Mark Reinhart, ran for a position on the board of directors for the International Window Cleaning Association in 2008. Through a voting system, Reinhart is served a three year term from 2009 through 2011. Secratary for 2012, and President Elect for 2013-2014.

Window Cleaning Network Member of the Month

The Window Cleaning Network is a forum made up of window cleaners from all over the world. The goal is too exchange window cleaning advice, best practices and tips and trick for the industry. Award Window Cleaning Service, Inc. was recognized by this network, as Member of the Month.