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Store Front located in Byron off of Byron Center Road in Grand Rapids.
Store Front located in Byron off of Byron Center Road in Grand Rapids.

Are You Over Cleaning Your Own Business, Office, or Storefront Windows?

Most large office buildings only clean their upper floor windows two to three times per year. Then clean ground floor, lobby, and public areas more often. A main entry with a lot of trafic may need to be completed more often to get that crisp, clean first appearance everyone is looking for. Lower ground floor windows regularly cleaned can produce the same results with exterior only quarterly cleanings.

Storefront cleanliness is very different compared to an office building. Everyone always wants the store front to be very appealing. Shiny clean windows, as well as clean window sills, clean and shiny awnings, and clean sidewalks and parking lots may depend on if you are selling clothing, hardware, or auto parts, as each storefront has its own level of cleanliness they want displayed to attract the customer. Each may want different occurrences of cleaning. We give you a price per time for exterior only and interior & exterior cleaning so you can call any time to get one extra cleaning if needed, typically with in a few days.

Do you have to clean the interior windows as often as the exterior windows? No. Now the question is how often is too often? Why not start with less and move up to what is actually needed? It is simple to ask for more cleanings, just ask. If you are cleaning monthly now cut the annual cost in 1/2 by cutting back by 1/2 and see if you are over cleaning. Will quarterly cleanings work for interior cleanings? Or is it smart to save $$$ and only start with twice per year? You won’t know until you try.

We have some smaller store front customers that only clean inside twice per year and exteriors quarterly. Each situation is different depending on environmental conditions and the level of cleanliness you may desire for your storefront.

We have found that in today’s economy you can cut back and still keep your store front appearance looking great. Request a quote today!

Storefront Window Cleaning References

  • Metro Health all off site locations Quarterly Service for over 17 years.
  • Sheldon Cleaners Monthly Service on 20 plus locations since 1994.
  • Speedway Gas Stations over 30 Locations Interior and Exterior Cleaning Monthly.
  • Amway Grand Plaza Hotel Store Fronts Bi-weekly for over 10 years.

Additional Commercial Services

Awning cleaning & sealing, light bulb replacement, side walk power washing, building pressure washing, parking lot clean up, snow plowing & side walk shoveling & salting,

Can you afford to over clean? Request a quote today!